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Membership -- joining together, hand in hand, towards a common goal.

Network, learn something new and exciting, and enjoy lunch with friends and colleagues at our workshops.

Apply for membership online and include the Greater Sacramento Capitol Chapter of ARMA, code 056, as your chapter.  Note that ARMA International requires you to register at their site (it's free) in order to apply for membership (not free, but very worth it!) or even to pull up the application.  If you'd prefer to mail in the application, complete the online application and instead of submitting it, print it out and mail it.

Already a member? Go to ARMA International's "Online Member Resource" log in page to enjoy some of the many benefits of ARMA International membership. Enjoy free access to "Information Management Journal" articles, as well as a goodly amount of free and paid training opportunities.

Justification for becoming a member of ARMA:

ARMA International is the leading association in the field of records and information management. Its purpose is to provide education, research, and networking opportunities enabling information professionals to better leverage the value of records, information, and knowledge as corporate assets and as necessary contributors to organizational success. ARMA International promotes and advances improvement in the records and information management profession through study, education, and research and through encouraging appropriate development of standards and best practices. ARMA International is dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and governments successfully meet the challenges of the increasingly complex information management field.

Membership with ARMA International provides professional and business opportunities necessary to stay current with the latest advances in records and information management technology. Personal growth and professional development are common primary motivators for joining ARMA International. Improving business function through solving records problems motivate others to become members. As a member, you can sharpen your skills in areas such as technical writing, research methods, and public speaking and get hands-on leadership experience within ARMA International and within the Greater Sacramento Capitol Chapter.

Membership provides exposure to good records and information management practices to help improve the business in which you work by improving your and your employer’s effectiveness. Better records and information management improves the corporate image, gives more control over business situations, and touches everyone within the organization. Poor records and information management practices also touches everyone in the organization. ARMA International provides an array of products and services, from continuing education, through chapter meetings, local seminars, correspondence courses, and the annual ARMA Conference. ARMA International membership offers its members the resources needed to keep pace (or to help you catch up) with this rapidly changing industry.

Through ARMA International you can learn what you need in retrieval and storage systems and other products and services critical for effective records and information management that fit your business or industry. Discounts, technical publications, networking opportunities, newsletters, specialized committees, and legislative awareness are other types of services and products provided. The ARMA Annual Conference, for example, features leading experts in the field, as well as cutting-edge products and services for records and information management professionals.

As an ARMA member you may attend free or discounted technology seminars, expositions, and training on various topics. You will improve your ability to employ the latest in records management automation, disaster recovery, imaging, electronic document management and workflow, document security, and automated storage systems, as well as your knowledge and expertise in countless subjects. You can benefit yourself and your employer by gaining critical information and knowledge necessary for business success.

The mission of the Membership Committee is to effectively provide information, support, and guidance to current and potential members regarding membership and related issues and/or concerns.

E-mail our Chapter Membership Director:  Isaac Clark, Director

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